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    How can digital technology accompany a small spare parts company on a path of constant and sustainable growth, without necessarily having to resort to the hiring of new resources?

    By redefining the interaction processes and developing a digital service able to accelerate and maximize the relationship between stakeholders of the production chain.

    For this reason, we accompanied the young Telos&Telos company in the transformation of the relationship with internal suppliers, replacing the traditional telephone communication with an application able to optimize timing and costs for the end customer.

    Why together

    Digital transformation for SMEs is primarily an analysis of internal needs, redefinition of business processes and development of digital tools aimed at optimizing the relationship between stakeholders.

    Services provided



    Through the mapping of the management of purchase orders and of the quotation process, we identified the main digital transformation opportunities in the redefinition of the order acquisition or estimate response methods. The planning of a new application and its integration with the management software used was based on this analysis.

    Strategic Positioning


    We analyzed the needs of all the stakeholders involved (salespeople, customers and management) in order to define how the new services could be better inserted within the brand identity and, in particular, how a smartphone application could be consistent with the competitive differential based on the “human relationship” between operators and customers.

    Digital Strategy


    By studying the various possible customers and operators’ user journeys, we designed a media mix that allows both mobile interaction for customers and desktop terminal interaction for sellers. In this way, both users of the process did not have to change their digital habits but, on the contrary, managed to insert the new process naturally into their work routine.

    Service Design


    The designed application, both on the application side and on the integration side with the management system, enabled the creation of a new relationship between customers and operators. The channel was immediately identified as simple to use, quick in providing answers and, despite being digital, not damaging of the personal relationship established over time with its reference operator. In this way, it was possible to offer customers a unique and distinctive service capable of competing, winning the challenge both in terms of volumes and profitability, both with traditional phone channels and with e-commerce.

    Media & Content

    & Content

    The development of the system involved both the release of an application for iOS and Android and the creation of a portal dedicated to management with which to evaluate usage statistics and system efficiency rates. Given the success of the introduction of these applications, systems have been developed to integrate this new customer relationship channel with the management software already in use.

    What are the results

    Thanks to the implementation of the new digital system, the company has optimized the budgeting process by reducing response times while maintaining a direct relationship with customers. Thanks to these process optimizations it has been possible to both continue to increase market shares without having to increase personnel and to offer a service to customers so distinctive that it allows them to successfully compete against the traditional pricing.