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We want a place where people can grow and take advantage of every opportunity, to show them that they can stay here, they can grow here and they can change here.


  • Marco Ronchi - CEO

    Marco Ronchi



    Training designer and nature lover, Marco embodies the passion and vision of the agency.
    Leader, entrepreneur and operating member, Marco tends to Twig the same way he tends to his garden: with enthusiasm, positivity and dedication.

  • Andrea Parolini - CFO

    Andrea Parolini



    “Physique du rôle” of the agency, he is one of the brains behind the birth of Twig. Andrea handles the financial plans, administrative practices and food provisions of the team: because eating is an important activity at Twig.

  • Neva Ganzerla - COO

    Neva Ganzerla



    Neva takes care of the orders and quotes, organizes the operations in the agency and lunch breaks in the kitchen. For her, the right Excel formula can be the answer to everything, except for those who don’t realize they are late with the time cards: in that case a threatening skull, her alter-ego, makes everything right again.

  • Matteo Verlato - Sales Manager

    Matteo Verlato

    Sales Manager


    The closest of all to being a “real Milanese”, Matteo divides his time between the agency and the role of Sales & Marketing Manager for Editoriale Giornalidea, bringing enthusiasm with him every time he comes to the agency. He was raised on bread and KPIs, his energy and positivity inspire everyone to continue growing.

Executive Advisors

Our Account Managers: more than just accounts, they each embody a fundamental aspect of the Twig method.

  • Giulia Sormani - Strategic Designer

    Giulia Sormani

    Strategic Designer

    For years she arrived at Twig from Sormano, which in our minds has become Sormangeles: a town with an international flair that overlooks Lake Como. In fact, Giulia is used to coming up with imaginative ideas for our customers, interpreting their needs and defining strategic positionings. All this with the style of a Communications Designer and the patience of a teacher.
  • Katia Goldoni - Strategic designer

    Katia Goldoni

    Strategic designer

    She is called “Maestro” and not only because she is a Professor at the Politecnico of Milan. In fact, her innate passion for video and decade of experience as a film maker and video strategist has allowed us to rely on high-quality audiovisual productions. Remarkable illustrator and certified from Bologna, she appears much less hieratic when in front of a bottle of Amarone.
  • Niccolò Brocchi - Digital Marketing Strategist

    Niccolò Brocchi

    Digital Marketing Strategist

    Marketing-oriented by profession, Android-oriented by constitution, lover of Mountain View by passion. Data for him has no mystery, especially if entered in an Excel file. Adwords is his daily bread, Apple devices have the same effect as gluten for him, but some have heard him whisper his appreciation for them on Facebook.
  • Simone Dall'Angelo - Digital Entrepreneur

    Simone Dall'Angelo

    Digital Entrepreneur

    He has a nose for new business opportunities and great taste in snacks, but his best gift is his adorable personality. Simone has time for everyone and between algorithms, extremely nerdy self-presents, numerous tabs open in his browser and a quick trip to the baker's, he always finds the time to answer to everybody's question, even the most annoying one: "Simo, why isn't the internet working?! ".

Project Manager

Our project managers: coordinate and monitor the team work-flow, providing support to Executive Advisors in maintaining the company’s strategic activities in line with time and costs.

  • Emilia Iuliano - Digital Strategist

    Emilia Iuliano

    Digital Strategist

    The sweetness of her eyes hides the power of her mind. Emilia is a superhero disguised as a PM, able to manage different themes, objectives and personalities without without surrendering even for a moment. Idealist and romantic, it is in the mediation that gives the best of herself, winning the trust of everyone with intelligence and savoir faire.
  • Fabrizio Speranza - Digital Producer

    Fabrizio Speranza

    Digital Producer

    Fabrizio, thanks to his great will to constantly improve himself, has gone from being a digital producer to an efficient PM. He embodies the most combative soul of the project management team: if something is entrusted to Fabrizio, achieving the goal is a matter of principle. Great lover of nature, he loves everything about Milan - especially its rain.

The Team

The real strength of Twig: a mixed group of professionals, united and always on the ball, able to ensure that high standards are always met.

  • Caterina Petroni - Strategic Designer

    Caterina Petroni

    Strategic Designer

    Whether they are digital placements, theatrical improvisations, brand studies or swinging evenings, it does not matter: Caterina will face every challenge with enthusiasm, seriousness and desire to improve herself. Always professional, but also imaginative about lunch boxes, she will surprise you with a new, barely contained, passion, ranging from Italian indie music to Russian culture.
  • Mariangela Roselli - Media Strategist

    Mariangela Roselli

    Media Strategist

    Pugliese by birth and Milanese by adoption, Mariangela is the conductor of all the passages that combine digital positioning and content creation. She never loses his smile, but we all know her secret: the care packages from Mamma! Sometimes full of delicious southern food, sometimes full of sheepskin coats. But we don't asks any explanations...
  • Davide Morittu - Motion Specialist

    Davide Morittu

    Motion Specialist

    Davide has a past as a rocker and a future in motion graphics. Transplanted in Milan from the sea of Sardinia, day after day he pours all his passion and creativity into his video productions. His tenacity is well known at Twig, especially when he needs a coffee and our coffee machine doesn't want to collaborate with him. #SaveTheDave
  • Serena Ballabio - Service Designer

    Serena Ballabio

    Service Designer

    Source of improbable anecdotes and embarrassing stories, creator of dramatic cat names and buyer of outfits that divide the masses, Serena is the colleague that everyone wants. But don't be confused by her sweet personality: when she pulls out a user journey she turns into a bulldozer and nothing escapes her control [except chocolate]!
  • Erika Bordonali - Graphic Designer

    Erika Bordonali

    Graphic Designer

    A minimal-oriented taste in graphic, an eye always attentive to the details that make the difference and a special ear that gives her the ability to guess any melody she hears: all this makes Erika, our human music festival, the right mix between a visual designer and a living jukebox.
  • Rita Marujo - Digital Marketing Specialist

    Rita Marujo

    Digital Marketing Specialist

    Take all the qualities of a lady - composure, calm, delicacy, attention to detail, attention to others etc. - and mix them with a master's degree in project management, a decade of experience in campaign management, the learning speed of a rocket and a flamboyant bike. The result is Rita and, we are sure, she will surprise you.
  • Umberto Dolcini - Strategic Designer

    Umberto Dolcini

    Strategic Designer

    Umberto is positioning, strategy and graphics all condensed in justo one person, equipped with an unlikely water bottle and a trout-shaped pencil case (to remind us of its Laghee origin). With his low-profile outfits he tries to hide a rebellious nature, made up of motorcycles, kite surfing, adventures and other secrets. Don't fall into his trap!

The collaborators

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