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The research group of the Design School of the Politecnico of Milan directed by Marisa Galbiati specializes in digital branding, transmedia storytelling and game design for social innovation. Together with our colleagues, partners and friends, we have worked for the City of Milan, the Lombardy Region, Trenord, Bricocenter and Leroy Merlin, developing a highly skilled training method that brings the university inside the digital transformation processes of companies and the public administration.

Why together

Because of our confidence in new generations, our love for teaching and our desire ti contribute decisively to the evolution of the university approach in the world of research and business development.

Services provided

  • Academic training for the Final Synthesis Laboratory

    Master’s Degree in Communication Design, Politecnico of Milan

    Support in the organization, management of partners and provision of laboratory training modules that complete the master’s courses of the Design School. The partnership, now in its fourth edition, has allowed experimenting with digital social innovation applied to companies such as Bricocenter, Leroy Merlin as well as the City of Milan.

  • Advanced training for the public administration

    Design School, Politecnico of Milan

    An innovative model of advanced training on topics such as digital positioning and promotion, dedicated to marketing and communication managers of the Lombardy Region. The course combines theory and practice, providing participants with the elements needed to redefine the marketing and communication strategies of the “Lombardia Speciale” and “Regione Lombardia” institutional websites.

  • Academic training for the Digital Strategy course

    Master’s Degree in Communication Design, Politecnico of Milan

    The first Design course dedicated entirely to digital marketing. Designed according to a highly pragmatic approach and with the participation of companies such as Webank and Teva, the course is a practical guide on how to effectively use digital marketing. It is aimed at students who want to embark on a career in design-focused strategies.

  • Academic training for the Study Innovation course

    Master’s degree in Product Service System Design, Politecnico of Milan

    The Digital Strategy module is one of the most popular courses of the Design School dedicated to the development of products and services. The collaboration led to a second R&D trial for the IoT market applied to the Residential sector, which is sponsored by the multinational company, ABB.

  • Degree thesis

    Master’s Degree in Communication Design, Politecnico of Milan

    Technical and scientific support in theses of high theoretical and practical significance, which involves the participation of our teachers, Katia and Marco, as institutional speakers. This collaboration has made it possible to achieve some excellent results, including the recognition in 2015 of the Compasso d’Oro award for the thesis by Marialaura Gionfriddo “Ne vale la pena” and an honorable mention at the Milan Film Festival for the thesis by Eleonora Campanella entitled “Civico X”.