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    Mon Perin

    In an international tourist system where foreign cities are becoming more and more popular, is it actually possible to adopt a development model that finds the right economic, social and cultural balance?

    Taking advantage of the opportunities of digital transformation and making the protection of local identity the real strength of the advertising campaign, we faced this challenge together with Mon Perin, one of the most important tourism companies in Croatia and an excellent example of participatory development.

    Between 2016 and 2017 we provided consultancy on market analysis, brand repositioning, promotion of the offer and activation of an international partnership with the Politecnico of Milan.

    Why together

    Because the disintermediation offered by digital transformation can enhance the role of people and protect the identity of a territory against major foreign investments.

    Services provided



    We analyzed Mon Perin’s “go to market” process, as well as its model of customer acquisition and retention, to understand which were the opportunities for optimization and development offered by digital. Through a survey and on-site interviews, we studied the role of the various stakeholders in the area and how each one of them could bring and take value from Mon Perin.

    Strategic Positioning


    We analyzed the European tourism market and studied the peculiarities of the campsite and the whole area of Valle, with the aim of formulating a strategic positioning that could merge Mon Perin’s commercial offer and the value of the territory in which the camping stands.

    Digital Strategy


    We have developed a digital strategy to accompany the repositioning, develop the brand awareness and increase bookings and sales through the proprietary eCommerce, discouraging the customers from using OTA channels.

    Media & Content

    & Content

    We designed, set up and managed all the media that constitute Mon Perin’s digital ecosystem. We created various digital contents to support the storytelling of the brand and the promotion of tourist services. We managed numerous video productions and photographic shootings in the Mon Perin campsite and in Valle territory, involving locals and camping staff with the aim of telling the story of the company’s collaborative nature.

    What are the results

    The number of bookings on digital channels increased by 94% between 2015 and 2016 and by 78% between 2016 and 2017. In 2017, eCommerce revenue increased by 144.99% compared to 2016, while marketing investments increased by 7.9%.

    What have we worked on

    • Brand repositioning and promotion of services

      We studied the European tourism market and its trends, aimed at repositioning Mon Perin among the high-end tourism players and positioning the services through web marketing campaigns.

    • Promotion of the Mon Perin Foundation

      The promotion of the Mon Perin Foundations as a benchmark for sustainable development, through online and offline operations, as well as the preparation of an article for an international academic publication.

    • Partnership with the Master’s degree in Digital Strategy

      We organized a meeting between representatives of five important European universities and academies, as well as a summer camp at Mon Perin with students of the Master’s course in Digital Strategy of the Politecnico of Milan. Additionally, we did a workshop on the expansion of the Mon Perin offer in 2018.