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    Health Croatia

    What opportunities does the market offer today which allow us to carve out a niche in the highly competitive sector of low cost dentistry?

    It allows us to identify our competitive differential and translate it into a business model that takes advantage of the opportunities offered by digital transformation.

    From 2015 to 2017 we accompanied the Croatian network of Health Croatia dental clinics in the development and promotion of the brand in Italy and the UK, providing advice on business strategies, market analysis, brand positioning, planning and management of the digital presence and promotion of services.

    Why together

    Because to build a start-up in a foreign territory requires a professional and positive organization that knows the market and is able to tailor the project to its vision.

    Services provided



    We guided +HC since its foundation, helping the board to identify all the stakeholders needed to start the company, the interchange processes between them and the business opportunities offered by the digital tools.

    Strategic Positioning


    We supported +HC through all the steps needed to define its brand profile: from the creation of the name and the brand to the development of its business profile.

    We analyzed the Italian and English dental market in order to identify the needs, obstacles and expectations of the target audience with respect to the current offer and to obtain the information necessary to define the competitive differential and the best pricing profile of the service.

    Digital Strategy


    We developed a digital strategy for launching Health Croatia in Italy and in the UK and for acquiring new contacts, using digital promotion to support the business process.

    Service Design


    Starting from the study of the service and the conversion funnel, we designed and built a platform, dedicated to +HC’s staff, for managing patients’ contacts and monitoring the acquired leads and their conversion into customers.

    Media & Content

    & Content

    We prepared and managed the ecosystem of the brand’s digital media, from the creation of the website to the management of social media.

    We designed and produced all the content intended for the digital media and those supporting the web marketing campaigns. We managed several productions of image content in the Croatian offices of +HC, involving the team with the aim of explaining the service and keeping the promises made to potential patients.

    What are the results

    We activated more than 25 digital media and managed more than 20 different digital marketing campaigns, developing a system that can easily follow the commercial development of the project. Between April 2016 and December 2017, the digital channels brought more than 4,700 profiled leads, with a constant decrease in cost/contact.

    What have we worked on

    • Foundation, positioning and promotion of the brand

      The analysis of market trends and opportunities focused on the definition of the revenue model and the structuring of the service in its form as a hub for dental clinics.

    • Activation and promotion of Pola clinic

      The production of visual contents to support the launch of the Pola clinic and the creation of a strong online presence were the starting points for the launch of the digital advertising campaigns of the services.

    • Activation and promotion of Zagreb clinic

      The production of visual contents accompanied the birth of the clinic in Zagreb and provided the contents to support the advertising campaign of the services.

    • Brand positioning and promotion of services in the UK

      The market study and analysis of the needs of the target through a survey of 300 respondents was used to translate the positioning of Health Croatia in the UK and to choose the pricing profile and services to promote.

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