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How can digital technology accompany a small spare parts company on a path of constant and sustainable growth, without necessarily having to resort to the hiring of new resources?

By redefining the interaction processes and developing a digital service able to accelerate and maximise the relationship between stakeholders of the production chain.

For this reason, we accompanied the young Telos Group S.r.l. company in the transformation of the relationship with internal suppliers, replacing the traditional telephone communication with an application able to optimise times and costs for the end customer.

Why together

Digital transformation for SMEs is primarily an analysis of internal needs, redefinition of business processes and development of digital tools aimed at optimising the relationship between stakeholders.

Services provided

Strategic Positioning


We analysed the process used to receive and fill orders, and identified the critical points. Then, we analysed the business needs, working on the optimisation of the chain with the aim of maintaining the company’s competitive differential.

Digital Strategy


We designed and developed a mobile application capable of communicating with the company’s digital infrastructure (internal management, automatic reordering software, etc.)

What are the results

The implementation of the new digital system allowed the company to optimise the processing times and the direct relationship with stakeholders of the chain, with significant cost savings.