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Roche Diabetes Care

Roche Diabetes Care
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Roche Diabetes Care

In a competitive and regulated market such as that of diabetes devices, how can we communicate our products’ differential and at the same time establish a positive relationship with the target?

Through a strategy that exploits the potential of digital marketing to reach the target audience and through contents that leverage on their needs and on the normalization of diabetes.

Between October 2018 and March 2019 we led the launch of the mySugr app and the Accu-Chek glucose meter on the Italian market, designing and managing digital promotion campaigns and creating content to support storytelling.

Why together

Because when clients and consultants work as one team, you are already halfway there.

Services provided

Digital Strategy


We have designed a digital strategy that leverages on identification and storytelling to engage the user and push him/her to download the app; in a second phase, we have maximized the interest generated around the app to steer the user to the product.

Media & Content

& Content

We have designed and produced all the visual content to support the campaign: videos for ads, visuals for social media and Google Ads campaigns, layouts for the press campaign.

What are the results

For the duration of the campaign, Roche Diabetes Care maintained its first place in diabetes-related Google searches in Italy. User visits to the product site increased by 326%. The number of impressions was 30 million. The average CTR on the different channels was 3%, with an average of 10% for search campaigns on Google Ads.”

What have we worked on

  • Design and production of multi-subject videos to support digital promotion

    The video was the main content of the campaign and the principal means of identification for users. We were in charge of the entire realization: from scripts to video design, from production to voice-over. We worked together with the client so that the content would be effective for the target and in synch with the marketing strategy.

  • Photographic representation of storytelling

    In order to support the various modalities with which users utilize the different channels, online and offline, we have also represented the storytelling video photographically. The characters in the video were also the protagonists of our photo shoots, for which we managed the pre and post production, employing professionals of the highest level.