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What opportunities does digital transformation offer one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world?

The development of a preferential channel outside the sales network able to engage the pharmacist in a profiled way to provide useful concepts and tools for relating to the target audience.

For this reason, since 2014 we have been accompanying Bayer Healthcare Italia in the development of professional contents for pharmacists, with the aim of maximising the audio-visual language through the use of narrative medicine as a lever for engagement and professional learning.

Why together

Because is a medical-scientific information website created in 2010 by a group of professionals who still today, 8 years after its foundation, oversee the publishing plan and production of video content.

Services provided



We supported the healthcare division in managing the restyling of the website through the functional analysis of the platform and the relationship with the new stakeholders and partners. We defined a development for the website that respected the expectations of the pharmacist target.

Service Design


In 2014, we supported the healthcare division in the restyling of the website, by analysing the functional aspects of the platform and the relationship with new partners of the consortium, defining a plan to evolve the website in line with the needs of pharmacists.

Media & Content

& Content

We designed and produced seven different narrative medical video contents for the pharmacist’s professional training featuring different products: Aspirina, Lasoactive, Supradyn, Gyno Canesten, Gyno Cansflor, Canesten Unidie and Canesflor.

What are the results is one of the top five health sites in Italy. In 2017, the website recorded about 15 million sessions, following a growing trend that in January 2018 led to more than two million sessions in only one month.

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