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Banca Consulia

What does it mean for an independent financial advisory bank to innovate processes and tools, while preserving its competitive advantage and ensuring that its sales force welcomes and accepts the changes brought about by digital transformation?

First of all, knowing how to enhance one’s independence model through a product that is technologically reliable and designed based on the real needs of financial advisors.

For this reason, we have accompanied Banca Consulia in designing the user experience of the new advisory department, supporting the development team in the coordination of the various partners, from the active listening stage up to the user testing stage.

Why together

“At Twig, we found a team of professionals who are actually what they say they are. Active, positive and tireless.”

Monica Botti, Human Resources and Internal Relations Manager of Banca Consulia

Services provided



We guided the management in defining the stakeholder map for the co-planning of internal procedures linked to the new technical platform.

Strategic Positioning


Through focus groups and user interviews, we studied the needs and expectations of financial advisors regarding the digital tools available to them. Based on this study, we then defined guidelines for developing the new advisory platform, so that it represents the brand values and enhances the role and work of the advisor.

Service Design


We designed the user experience and the interface for the new advisory platform, combining Banca Consulia’s advisory model with the expectations of financial advisors and the technological needs.

What are the results

At the end of 2016, our interface was chosen by Eri Bancaire and PWC as a UXD reference model to develop restyling projects for the next financial advisory platforms.

Have worked with us

  • PWC
  • Eri Bancaire