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Ascensia – Tuttodiabete

Ascensia – Tuttodiabete
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Ascensia – Tuttodiabete

How can one of Italy’s historic diabetes magazines restyle its main information tool, while maintaining the high expectations of readers and substantially modifying its business model?

Through the development of a user-centred digital system and the constant strategy of active listening aimed at building a relational brand, accompanying the community in the daily reporting of the principles and evolution of the disease.

For this reason, we have been guiding the Tuttodiabete team since its digital foundation, building a valuable relationship with patients through the use of an innovative media mix able to keep the public’s interest for the traditional printed copy high, while engaging a wider audience of digital caregivers

Why together

Because the disintermediation of relationship channels has a daily impact on the digital transformation of the pharmaceutical industry, offering a historic opportunity to reinterpret the relationship between supply and demand in the medical-scientific field.

Services provided

Strategic Positioning


We identified the different contact requests from patients and caregivers, with a particular focus on those needs that could be immediately met using an open, bidirectional and real-time channel such as digital. We then transformed these needs into a new strategic positioning for the Tuttodiabete brand, identifying the real competitive edge of its leading product: the printed magazine.

Digital Strategy


We developed a digital strategy focused on a media mix designed to create a digital experience similar to that of the paper magazine although, at the same time, with more system features and with significantly more sustainable costs. We have facilitated the birth and growth of the community around the brand with content optimized for the best use on digital media, and we have expanded the pool of interested users with targeted digital marketing campaigns designed to facilitate interaction with the digital page.

Service Design


Thanks to users’ great interaction and to their vertical profiling with respect to the target of people with diabetes, we have activated a new channel of connection between the brand and its stakeholders. A channel where it is also possible to conduct statistical surveys. The experience on the Italian community has also made it possible to reach communities of people with diabetes in 5 other European countries with the project of an international survey to investigate the relationship between patients with diabetes and management apps.

Media & Content

& Content

We supported the positioning and promotion strategy of the digital magazine, through the personification of the brand within a series of video pills dedicated to the everyday life of the pathology, thus favoring the interaction of users with a real person.

What are the results

Since its digital relaunch, we brought together more than 15,000 patients and caregivers, reaching an average interaction growth of about 28% in 2017 compared to the previous year, making the project one of the most successful diabetes communities in Italy.

What have we worked on

  • Repositioning of the brand and printed magazine

    Definition of the new market positioning of the brand and the services offered, with the consequent designing of the digital media mix and the editorial lines and implementation of preparatory activities for promoting and maintaining the relationship with the new community.

  • Internationalisation of digital magazine

    Activation of a series of active listening campaigns in Spain, England, France, Germany and Poland, with the aim of internationalising the project and building the first diabetes community in Europe

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