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ABB Industry

How can a multinational company such as ABB adapt to the change of the B2B market logic in a rapidly expanding industry such as Industry 4.0?

By applying lateral thinking in the definition of new internal processes and in the programmed integration of knowledge and technologies excluded from the company’s legacy.

This is why, starting in 2017, we have supported Italy and the Global Electrification Products division in defining and implementing a new digital positioning, managing digital promotion strategies, developing innovative P-a-a-s solutions and incorporating methods and co-design tools to spread new knowledge within the company.

Why together

“We opened our doors to the outside world, creating collaborations to develop new skills and functionalities. After this exciting journey, we are ready to work alongside start-ups.”

Giampiero Frisio, Managing Director of Business Unit Smart Power, ABB Global

Services provided



We assisted the management of ABB EP Italy and supported its integration of digital in all internal processes and, over time, helped to define a new digital culture. We shared the path that led to the creation of an ecosystem around an innovative cloud product by changing the “product” to “service” approach, exporting the method developed in Italy with innovative training operations in various other countries, including Germany.

Strategic Positioning


We analyzed the market of ABB EP Italy to map the stakeholders involved and select those products that satisfy concrete and current market needs. We also contributed to defining the new product offer on the selected targets, favoring a digital positioning more in line with the search dynamics of the target.

Digital Strategy


We changed the way to communicate on digital channels, changing the communication model from product to solution. We modified the digital relationship with the main targets, enriching brand communication by narrating cases of product use and their functionalities in real life contexts.

Service Design


We helped the development of a digital service ecosystem that revolves around the ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System product – an advanced cloud-based service for the monitoring and controlling of industrial plants. We therefore conceived and implemented a “Call for Innovation”, an open innovation and co-design venture that saw the participation of over 160 start-ups operating in the industrial innovation sector, and the selection of 4 of them for the development of innovative go-to-market strategies.

Media & Content

& Content

We supported ABB EP Italia in the design and implementation of multiple graphic and video concepts to support the promotion of products and of the project itself.

What are the results

The Italian division was selected to disseminate the new methodologies tested in Italy in different countries around the world, acting as a reference point for the implementation of human-driven digital transformation processes.

What have we worked on

  • Digital positioning

    for italian BU
    The market analysis followed by the definition of the digital positioning for the ABB SACE brand, followed by a restructuring of the digital channels both in terms of use and tone.

  • Definition of a new offer

    for italian BU
    The definition of a new type of product offer focused on the real needs of different stakeholders, shifting the focus from the technical features to the benefits obtainable from their use.

  • Innovation Boot Camp

    for global BU
    The supervision and implementation of a co-design and open innovation activity aimed at developing new features for one of the leading products of the EP division, with the participation of prominent stakeholders, such as Digital Magics, The School of Design and the Master in Digital Strategy of the Politecnico di Milano.

  • Digital Marketing Framework

    for global BU
    The design, development and training of managers in using a framework capable of orienting various countries in the guided learning of the method developed in Italy and in the digital definition of new go-to-market mechanisms.

  • Launch campaign “ABB Ability. Understanding power”

    for italian BU
    The study of the industrial market regarding the main influence and purchase processes of the target allowed developing an engagement strategy on themes of Industry 4.0 aimed at promoting a cycle of events in the head offices and production sites of ABB Italia.

Have worked with us

  • The School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano
  • Digital Magics
  • The Fair Play