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ABB Human Resources

“What can a multinational like ABB do to support its digital transformation process through the irreplaceable role of people? By making team members the protagonists of a change of content, as well as of form and organization. For this reason, from 2017 to 2019 we have supported top management of ABB Electrification Product and HR in mapping the business communities, using training as a tool for commitment and team growth, supporting the definition of new digital skills and recruiting young talents.”

Why together

“Digital transformation is enabled by products and technologies, but it’s people that make it possible to seize opportunities and achieve positive results.”

Gabriele Morosini, Lead Division Manager - Electrification Products Division Italy, ABB

Services provided



We led the company in the application of design thinking to the traditional recruitment methods of the profiles needed to trigger change in the company, supporting HR in defining the skills, employment modalities and recruiting of young talents to support the transformation.

Strategic Positioning


We have developed an employer branding strategy to position ABB for an audience of young talents with backgrounds different from the world of engineering and industry, using the story of the ABB Digital Generation path as a lever.

Digital Strategy


We have designed a new recruiting strategy based on digital channels so as to reach audiences not normally contacted by the brand, such as designers, marketers and liberal arts scholars, and obtain highly profiled and digital-oriented candidates.

Media & Content

& Content

We involved managers and young talents from ABB in the production of video testimonials that describe the company’s digital transformation directly, in the words of those who are experiencing it.

What are the results

The 5 new digital profiles established by us, together with management and HR, were included in the Book of job of the entire company. Through digital recruiting campaigns we received 547 applications in 10 days, of which 84% on average were deemed suitable by HR to pass to the first selection step.

What have we worked on

  • Skills mapping and definition of new digital job profiles

    First, the analysis of the skills necessary for ABB to compete in a constantly evolving market. Then, the design of the new digital job profiles to be included, transversally to the functions, to trigger the digital transformation.

  • Digital strategy for employer branding and recruiting

    The design of a digital strategy to redefine the recruitment process of candidates, based both on web marketing campaigns to maximize reach and on seeding on specific online communities, to obtain highly profiled candidates.

  • Creation of HR support tools

    Support to the team in assessing the candidates’ digital aptitude, through the creation of ad hoc tools such as the “skills radar” and an online digital test, which has become an integral part of the selection process.