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ABB Electrification Products

ABB Electrification Products
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ABB Electrification Products

What challenge can a multinational like ABB, one of the major global players in the electrification products market segment, overcome today?

Redefine its approach to the market, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digital transformation.

For this reason, since 2016 we have been the point of reference for the Electrification Product Italia division, providing advice and support for market analysis, brand repositioning, development and launch of new products, optimization and management of digital media and training for managers.

Why together

“Because the meeting between a healthy multinational like ABB and a healthy agency like Twig brings positive experiences that make people grow.”

Gabriele Morosini, Lead Division Manager EP Division ABB Italia

Services provided



We guided managers and internal stakeholders in personalized training courses, with the aim of helping them to understand the potential of digital tools and how to integrate the tools into business processes.

Strategic Positioning


We redefined the strategic positioning of the EP division, in particular the products and services of the brand. We analyzed the residential and industrial market by studying a new behavioral profiling of the target, with the aim of investigating the user needs, of identifying the touchpoints on which to intercept the target and of redefining the process of influence and purchase.

Digital Strategy


We developed strategies based on the integration of actions, contents and touch points both physical and digital. These strategies were oriented to the creation of a new relationship between the brand and its targets based on the principle of disintermediation.

Media & Content

& Content

We supported the strategic path with various types of activities and digital marketing campaigns, allowing all touch points to acquire a dual function of inbound and outbound marketing.
We have designed and created digital channels and content by quickly promoting the change in the brand’s tone of voice and narrating the heritage of the brand to an Italian audience.

What are the results

In 2016, we oversaw 7 channels and 5 platforms of digital advertising, delivered more than 180 contents and reached more than 3 million active users, profiling more than 4,000 professionals and end customers, and making the EP Italia division a success for other business units worldwide.

What have we worked on

  • Brand repositioning and digital media

    Redefinition of strategic positioning in the residential and industrial sector, with the consequent reorganization of product lines and the development of new guidelines for engaging and communicating with the target audience and stakeholders.

  • Campaign for the launch of the Chiara Xite product range

    The design of the launch strategy and creation of contents for the advertising campaign of. the newest addition to the Chiara family, the well-known and highly appreciated range of residential switch modules by ABB.

  • Active listening campaign “Let’s help each other”

    Behavioural profiling of civil installers through an inbound marketing campaign and a loyalty action that allowed profiling more than 3000 certified users and creating a major closing event in the historic ABB headquarters in Bergamo.


  • Campaign for the launch of the Mylos Etik product

    The study of the launch strategy and creation of contents for the advertising campaign of the newest addition to the Mylos family, the ABB series of home automation devices that combines essential shape, safe materials and intelligent functionality.

Have worked with us

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