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ABB – Twig case studies

ABB – Twig case studies

What challenge can a multinational like ABB, one of the major global players in the revolution of industry 4.0, overcome today?

Redefine its approach, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digital transformation.

For this reason, since 2016 we have been the point of reference for the Electrification Product Italia division, providing advice and support for market analysis, brand repositioning, development and launch of new products, optimization and management of digital media and training for managers.

Discover our experience with ABB: browse our case studies.

  • ABB Electrification Products

    In 2016, we oversaw 7 channels and 5 platforms of digital advertising, delivered more than 180 contents and reached more than 3 million active users, profiling more than 4,000 professionals and end customers, and making the EP Italia division a success for other business units worldwide.

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  • ABB Human Resources

    The 5 new digital profiles established by us, together with management and HR, were included in the Book of job of the entire company. Through digital recruiting campaigns we received 547 applications in 10 days, of which 84% on average were deemed suitable by HR to pass to the first selection step.

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  • ABB Industry

    The Italian division was selected to disseminate the new methodologies tested in Italy in different countries around the world, acting as a reference point for the implementation of human-driven digital transformation processes.

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